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Kitten Munch is comprised of a team of cat enthusiasts, experts, professionals, and veterinarians who only aim one goal - give you the most comprehensive guide on cat nutrition, health, and more. Our editorial team make it sure that every article is accurate, well-researched, and timely. This is because we care about your cats, as much as we care of ours.

Our Team

As a managing editor, Charles makes it sure that every article published on the site is well-researched, and accurate. He has taken care of cats before, but recently found the passion into diving deep in rescuing cats. He currently owns a white odd-eye cat, Lucy.

Charles Vallena

Founder, Managing Editor of KittenMunch

Sarah is well-versed content writer with over 16 years of writing content for various topics, especially in the pet care and nutrition industry. A self-admitted pet enthusiast, she currently owns a couple of fish and two dogs.

Sarah Reyes

Content Manager

Dr. Hafiz is working as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Dr. Rana's Pet Care Center. Being a veterinarian, he knows his way around different animals, especially cats. His recommended products have been tested to several of his patients and all have responded very well.

Dr. Hafiz Muaaz ur Rahman (DVM, RVMP PVMC)

Resident Vet

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